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WowThankYou offers you quality UK handmade gifts, homewares and artisan food and drink. With thousands of items for all occasions many are bespoke gifts that can be personalised and given as a unique keepsake WowThankYou offers a gift or a treat for every occasion.

About Wow Thank You

WowThankYou is an online marketplace for UK designed and made products. Over the years our customers have appreciated the fact that all our products are well made, there is a story behind each product and all our sellers are very passionate about what they do.We work closely with our sellers, supporting and helping them to promote their work.

WowThankYou was originally launched in March 2010. It was originally set up by two friends – both stay-at-home mums who wanted to do something to champion home-grown talent, especially after the repeated frustration of not being able to find unique,‘different’ gifts online in one place. At the time they also chose our quirky name – WowThankYou – which they kept hearing every time when somebody opened a thoughtfully chosen and unique gift!

The aim of WowThankYou is to give exposure and active support to small UK craft and artisan businesses,creating an exciting range of unique and attractive handmade goods, not available in high street shops.

Our handmade products range from bespoke silver jewellery to beautifully made accessories for the home; from personalised cushions to stylish cufflinks, hand painted greeting cards to gardening gifts –we simply offer a stylish gift or treat for every occasion. And if you want to personalise your gift with a unique message for that extra special one off present, that no-one else will have thought of, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re committed to working closely with all our sellers, supporting and helping them to promote their work. At the same time, we’re constantly striving to bring you, the customer,the best in new small scale, niche UK designers and makers and to update our  collections on a regular basis. 

We understand that the handmade market is changing and we are very excited about the new direction for our website. We want to fully embrace the handmade lifestyle through our Handmade Living Blog and continue to actively champion UK based artists, designers and craftspeople. This is not just about marketing, but also providing useful resource sand practical support to allow individual business to grow and flourish.

We want to showcase the best we have on our website and to provide the perfect selection of handmade products, both unique and well made, here in UK.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the many handmade products and personalised gifts as much as I’ve enjoyed choosing them.We are privileged to be able to work with and showcase the individual creative talents of British crafters. And we hope that you find a beautiful finished handmade gift that is exactly what you’re looking for.

We are very proud that all products featured on WowThankYou are produced, handmade and designed in the UK by talented crafts people – our sellers. Every purchase made through our website goes directly to our sellers and a small percentage is used to promote our sellers to help them to pursue their creative dreams.

We love to support local creative businesses and we hope you do to…


Creative Director & Owner