10 reasons to buy handmade

Thursday January 18, 2018

I could easily list more than 10 reasons - probably more like 500 because that the number of wonderful partners our handmade website has. Each and one of them is the reason why buying handmade is much better than commercially produced gifts.

1. Handmade is good for the environment

Handmade products are great for the environment.  Most of handmade products do not require a large production facility or noisy factories.  Most items are made in small craft studios or people's own homes.

Handmade is often very local, so it doesn't travel millions of miles to get to you. When you order from WowThankYou, you know that your handmade order is coming from within UK and it's made here in the UK too.

2. Each handmade product is unique

Unlike gifts that are mass-produced, you will often find unique differences in each handmade item, which really makes the product and the purchase very special. Nobody in the whole world will have exactly the same item at home, and that's pretty unique!

A lot of our handmade gifts are also made to order and personalised to your specification.  

3. Handmade is supporting the local economy

When you buy a gift on WowThankYou, you directly support UK based artist. O.K they might not be directly local to you, but the money stays in the UK. And that's a pretty big deal. The money doesn't pay for large international bonuses, where the actual maker receives a fraction of the product price, but it goes directly to the person who made your wonderful gift.

But it's not just about money. Each purchase, gives the artist, the maker, the crafts person a confidence in their product, chance to develop their skills further, opportunity to re-invest the money back to their business and carry on producing beautiful work of art.

4. Handmade withstands the time

Remember those days, when you bought something and it lasted for a very long time? Most handmade items are made to last.  They are made from a material that will withstand the time and the changes are that you are going to keep them for a long time.

5. Handmade is quirky and is on trend

Independent designers, makers and crafter are often on trend much quicker than large businesses and commercially produced gifts. Why? Well, they can afford to experiment and make one off item to see whether it will gain interest, they can spot a trend really quickly and design a collection that fits the trend perfectly. To introduce a new product within large commercial organisation can take easily 12 months, small independent designer will be a lot more flexible than that. 

6. There is a story behind each product

Each handmade product has it's story, each handmade shop and the person who created it puts a lot of time and efford in to making something that's unique, beautifully and made just for you. There is a reason, why the product is made in ocean blue or why the gems selected for your silver bracelet have a beautiful green colour.

7. Buy handmade directly from the maker

It can't be simplier than this. You buy directly from the person who makes your handmade gift. If you need to ask any question about the product (how to look after it or store) you will talk directly with the person who made it. They know their product inside out and will be able to give you the best advice. When you place your order on WowThankYou, the notification goes directly the the maker who will prepare your order - make the product, personalise, beautifully wraps it (yes, we creative people have a thing about pretty boxes and sparkly tissue paper...) and takes it to the post office (probably on the way to pick up their daughter from nursery).

8 Buying handmade keeps the craft skills and tradition going

This might be a bit altruistic reason, but by supporting your local artisan you are also supporting the craft skill they practise. By supporting the traditional crafts, such as silversmithing, glass artists, weaverers or many others, we are helping them to pass the skills to the next generation and keep the art and craft alive.

9. When you buy handmade it shows that you care!

If you buy your friend a commercially produced necklace, the chances are that somebody else will have it too. It might be pretty and it might be even expensive, but it's not necessarily unique. By buying handmade and personalised necklace you show your friend that you took the time to research what she likes and that you'll treat her to something that nobody else will have. And you know what, the chances are that it probably won't cost you more than what you originally thought of buying!

10. Handmade is made by real people

'When you buy a handmade gift you know that the maker is passionate about their craft so each gift is made with love. A handmade gift will ALWAYS make the recipient smile'. 

Alison from Sheepythings

'With handmade items, there's always a lot of love, care & attention to detail to create something which you won't find on the High Street as they're not mass produced. Usually they are a unique piece or very limited edition pieces.'

Lynne from Silversensations

'Because every single item is made with love & attention by someone who really cares about what they make & is also interested in where it's going. There is usually a story behind how a 'make' comes about in the first instance.'

Joanne from Dalewood Craft

When you buy a handmade gift or card it is unique, it is created by someone with a passion for what they do who will spend hours getting it 'just right!'

Julie from Sew Divine Designs

Unique, original and loved - and that's the crafters. The things they make are even more special, so always give a special gift for a special person, always unique, original and made with love.

Anne from Flower Anne

A handmade gift is a unique and bespoke item that is special to the recipient and will often be a lifelong keepsake.

Sally from Poppy & Petal

How many times do you go to a birthday party etc and see all the cards on display and there are always 3 or 4 the same it's difficult to get 1 different from the rest and being handmade Ican add names and personalise just for you. I also offer a service where I make bespoke cards just for you.

Pauline from Paulines Passions

Because you get a better customer service buying handmade than buying shop bought items. You know that a lot of hard work has gone into handmade goods too.

Pauline from Paulines Crafts

A gift that's been made by hand, especially one that has been personalised too, means so much more to the recipient. It shows the care and the attention you've given to choosing their gift. It's also a chance to support independent artisans and designers who pour passion into their work - small, cottage industries that hugely appreciate your custom and can offer a wonderful personal shopping experience for you too.

Sarah from Photofairytales

Because it's hard to find true originality on the high street and to be able to talk to the person who has created the item for you is a big bonus too.

Claire from Claire Wheat

I'm pretty sure that there are millions of other reasons why buy handmade, so why don't you let me know in the comments below. Until next time - happy crafting!


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