10 Thoughtful Gifts for New Parents That They Will Want to Use

Thursday January 02, 2020

Deciding on what to gift new parents can be a daunting task. Look, you can always default to the easy way out - diapers. But it is a lot more satisfying to give them a gift they will find useful and cherish for years to come.

Here are some great gifts you should consider giving that new parent. These 10 suggestions can put to use immediately to make their demanding schedule much easier to handle.


#1. A Portable Baby Changing Station

Diaper duty can be quite stressful for new parents, especially if they are in a public place without a provision for a diaper changing table. With a portable baby changing station, any bag becomes a diaper bag.


#2. A Baby Carrier

Most parents will love you forever if you get them this gift. Baby carriers come in handy when they need to get work done without dropping the infant. If they are tired, they can place the baby in when the little one needs some extra warmth. In any of these cases, all the parent needs to do is strap their infant in and "Voila."


#3. An Infant Car Seat

Most first-time parents underestimate the importance of an infant seat until it's time to drive home from the hospital. If there's one gift on this list that parents will use almost every other day it's one of the best child car seats.


#4. Flannel Blankets

Every infant needs cozy and cuddly blankets. Every new parent would appreciate a pack of these soft essentials. They come in handy if a parents wants to wrap the little bundle of love in extra layers when they need to sleep, or when they need to step out in the cold.


#5. A Thermometer

Thermometers are everything and they are as practical as the baby's meals and diapers. With this, the new mom can quickly check the temperature without much bother.


#6. Bottle Steriliser and Dryer

A bottle steriliser and dryer are a must-have for every first-time parent. With one unit, they can sterilise, dry and store bottles, teats, breast pump parts, and pacifiers.


#7. A Baby Nasal Aspirator

Watching an infant struggle with a cold is heart-rending. You can save the new parents and the baby the pain by getting them a nasal aspirator. It instantly clears the airways by sucking out the accumulated mucus. They are usually very portable and are easy to carry around.


#8. A Bottle Warmer

Babies like their milk warm, just like it comes from mama. A bottle warmer helps keep the milk at the best temperature. It also eliminates the need to heat the pumped out breast milk or baby formula continuously.


#9. A Baby Sleep Monitor

Parenting is hectic, and sometimes all the new mom needs is some sleep. Now, that can be difficult if the parent is worried that they won't hear the little one cry out during her sleep. A baby monitor automatically checks when the baby is asleep or awake and notifies the parents instantly.


Some models can also tell you how long it takes your little bundle to fall asleep, or how often they wake up during the night. Others even have ambient sounds that get your little one dozing off in no time.


#10. A Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are the go-to accessory for a nursing mom. Ensure you get the nursing bras with molded cups and removable silk pads. They make an excellent gift for a first-time mom. This is a gift they will cherish over and over again.