3 Ways to Give your Garden a Personal Touch

Friday August 14, 2020

The garden is the hub of every British home during summer, with many families spending more time outside than inside. It’s essential that your garden space truly reflects who you are as a family unit. To help you to create a more personalised outdoor area, here are three ways to give your garden a more personal touch.

1.     Contact a Landscaping Company

If you want to completely redesign your garden, contact a landscaping company to bring your own personal vision to life. A good landscaping company is the best way to personalise your garden since they can work with you to design every last detail. The addition of wooden decking or brick patio can totally transform the garden area, as can water features and paved walkways.

Find landscape design supplies and speak with a professional online before beginning your landscaping project. Start by enquiring about your preferred design and consider any changes that the landscaping company may suggest.

2.     Upcycle Furniture

Instead of always buying brand new garden furniture, upcycle some of the old pieces that you already own. Not only is this a great way to revamp your garden on a budget, but it’ll also allow you to extend the life of something that’s not been used for a long time. By repainting your old furniture, you can give your garden a personal touch.

Equally, upcycling can also be an excellent way to make your garden feel homely if you’re renting a property. This way, you’re updating pieces that already belong to you and not making any changes to the property itself. 

3.     Add a Garden Gate 

A thoughtfully designed gate will not only add another architectural detail to your garden, but it will also make it even more welcoming. Consider what type of gate will go well with your current garden design – remember gates are an extension of your home.

Instantly make a grand entrance into your garden with an old door. Remove the glass before installing so the openness will make your gate even more inviting. If your garden space is wilder and more overgrown, try a rustic fence. They are easy to pick up at flea markets or even junkyards, and then can be repurposed and repainted.

For grander designs, try a spiderweb gate to elevate this functional element to the status of beautiful artwork. Decorative wrought-iron gates are fool proof ways to show a little personality in your garden and add another personal touch.

Conclusions on Giving your Garden a Personal Touch 

When you want to personalise your garden space and give it a little bit of a personal touch, consider using one or more of the suggestions above. The aforementioned ideas will also help you think of new ways to redesign your outdoor area.

Whether you want to make small easy changes, or totally transform your garden with a larger landscaping project, it can be easy to give your garden a personal touch and make it a place that truly reflects who you are as a family.