5 Fun Accessories for Your Phone

Wednesday July 31, 2019

Like your fashion choices, your phone can say a lot about you. The colours, the brand, the case – all of these are little hints about your personality. As phones become more integrated into daily life, more accessories specifically for phones begin to appear.

From cases to Pop Sockets and more, there are many ways to decorate your phone. After all, we always use our phones, so it will always be seen!

Here are just a few accessories you can find for your phone. Give them a look and see what suits your tastes!

1.     Wallet Phone Case

If you always carry a phone and a wallet, you know the struggle. What if you could put them both in one cute and convenient place?

Many places now create wallet phone cases for your iPhone or other smartphones. They come in sleek leather or faux-leather styles if you want something classic and sophisticated. There are metallic and jewel tones for some colour and flair. Some companies even have character designs for famous movies or shows. Whatever your heart desires! A wallet phone case is a great way to show some personality and save some space in your handbag, too.

2.     Pop Socket

Even if you’ve never heard this name before, it’s likely you’ve seen a Pop Socket out and about. Have you ever spotted one of those little button-like attachments on smartphones? They’re becoming increasingly popular, and the designs are endless.

The button is adhesive and sticks to the back of the phone case. It can pop out (hence “Pop Socket”) or be pressed into a flatter shape. The Pop Socket gives you a better grip on your phone. We all know how slippery iPhones can be. They also provide a way to prop up your phone to watch videos or do video calls. They come in endless, often customizable designs, too!

3.     Phone Rings

If a button isn’t your style, but you’re interested in having a better phone grip, a ring might be the solution. Like Pop Sockets, they come in many different designs. They also have an adhesive backing, but instead of a “button”, it’s attached to a ring. Arguably these have even better grip since you can slide a finger through the ring to hold on. They’re cute, unobtrusive, and a fun way to add some flair to your phone!


4.     Charging Cases

These provide more functionality than personality, but they do give your phone a longer battery life!

If you’re someone who is always on the go, one of the many charging cases might be your dream come true. Like most phone cases, they come in a variety of patterns and colours. They are often a bit bulkier than normal cases, but they charge your phone on the go. For many people, the trade-off is well worth it!


5.     Camera Lens

Now, this isn’t meant to be a permanent attachment. However, if you’re someone who often uses your phone for pictures, this is perfect for you. It’s function and personality all in one!

Many companies have released miniature camera lenses to place over the lens of the smartphone for crisper images. You can get anything from magnification to fisheye lenses and more. These accessories are perfect for the smartphone photographer!

 A phone is, in a way, an extension of you. Reflecting your personality onto your smartphone is a great way to give yourself a little flair. From cute cases to phone rings and everything else, there are so many small things you can add to your phone to make it more “you”!