5 Gift Ideas for Your Mother in Law

Wednesday April 15, 2020

Does your mother in law have a birthday coming up? Perhaps you are already getting your Christmas gifts together in an effort to save money in light of the economic pinch brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic?

Regardless, buying the perfect gift for your mother in law can often prove to be challenging, to say the least. This is especially true if you have only recently married her son or daughter and don't know all that much about her.

Luckily, there are a few sure-fire gifts to consider where you really cannot go wrong. Here are some ideas.

Designer clothing

Who doesn't love to be given a brand-new item of designer clothing which fits in with the latest fashion trends of the year? Ask your partner for some insight into their mother's personal style and in which colours she looks best before hitting the stores. A wonderful retailer to explore, especially when it comes to designer plus size clothing, is Froxx.co.uk. Be sure to check out the African-inspired kasbah clothing, which is exceptionally trendy right now.

A spa day

This is the ideal excuse to treat both your mother in law and yourself at the same time! Invest in a spa day for two and use it as an opportunity to either get to know your mother in law a bit better or to spend a bit of time with her. The spa setting is relaxing and conducive to letting your guard down, so even if you don't normally get along all that well, you are certain to leave the experience feeling somewhat fonder of one another than you did when you first arrived!

Pampering gifts

Invest in a few items that can be used for pampering after a long day. Excellent ideas include scented candles, bubble bath, an ultra-creamy foot balm, and a pair of cosy pyjamas.


Jewellery is always a winner. However, you probably want to steer clear of this option if you are not yet aware of the style of jewellery that your mother in law prefers. Jewellery is, after all, extremely personal. Alternatively, you can give her a voucher to purchase her own choice of shimmering accessories. That way, you can be certain that she will have the chance to pick out something that she truly loves. Jewellery could be a bit pricey gift, but we have a few handy tips on how to afford the perfect gift on our blog here.

Spoils for the home

Most mothers in law take great pride in their homes. If this sounds like yours, then you are sure to put a smile on her face with a few luxurious home spoils. Think stylish throw pillows, textured area rugs, faux fur blankets, and beautiful, hand-painted table cloths. Along with decorative essentials, you can also consider gifting her a few functional accessories and appliances based on her needs. Great options include a new coffee machine, a pasta maker, a steamer, an air fryer, or an ice cream maker.

Are you feeling inspired to give your mother in law a gift that she will hold dear for many months and years to come? Wonderful! Let the shopping spree begin.