5 tips to keep your long distance relationship going strong

Wednesday February 26, 2020

Relationships can be hard at the best of times, and things can become even more complicated if you need to spend some time away from each other. What can be easily solved when you see each other every day can mount up into a much large problem if you live apart. There is no reason for not starting to date somebody from a different location, what's more important that you are compatible as a people. So if do meet somebody through an online dating website, like Mature Bedfordshire Dating you live on the other side of the country, there is no reason to give up!

I'm sure that long term relationships can't thrive and in today's blog post I wanted to share with you my top 5 tips on keeping your long distance relationship exciting and happy!

1. Use technology to your advantage

These days it pretty easy and cheap to just jump on a video call and talk to your partner face to face. It can be a great way also to show your partner where you are, if you are, for example travelling so that they feel like they are there with you.

Texting and messaging through your chosen app, like The Bedfordshire Dating Site, can also be a great way of communicating. You can easily share your thoughts, knowing your partner will respond when they are available. I also think that there is something magical about using oldfashioned letter writing. Getting an  unexpected letter through the post can brighten up any gloomy day!

2. Schedule your time together

This might seem like a strange thing to do if you want to be a romantic and spontaneous in your relationship, but if you are in a long distance relationship, you need to plan ahead. Decide on how often you can meet in person and where is the best place to meet. It could be that you visit each other, so that you start to get to know where your partner lives, works and start meeting his or her friends. Or you could plan a romantic weekend away, halfway from where you both live and explore the place together. For example if you've met through the Date Bedfordshire Singles, but you live in Bristol, visiting Oxford could be the perfect way to spend a weekend.

3. Do things together even if you are apart

This is a great way to stay connected during the time you are not physically together. For example, suggest a film you'd both like to see and then go to see the film on the same day. Talk about the film afterwards and share your favourite moments from it. 

4. Send a meaningful gift

It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive, but little gifts that are meaningful to both of you will bring you together even if you are apart. Sending your partner a selection of their favourite snack bars with a personalised note will work as a little pick me up and they are sure to smile when they open your package. 

5. Be realistic & stay positive

You should be honest with your partner from the start about the reality of staying in a long term relationship. You need to both know whether this is just a temporary thing, for example one partner has to go on a secondment to work in another town or country.  Or whether this is something more permanent and your partner can't really stay with you or move together for some reason (e.g. army employment, a specific occupation that can be only carried out in specific locations). Stay positive about all the amazing things you've experienced together and cherish every moment you have together, but realise that you also both have a life of your own and you need to focus on that too. Only for the time being, hopefully!