7 Cloakroom Design Ideas to Inspire You

Tuesday April 28, 2020

Designing a small space, such as a cloakroom, and a downstairs bathroom can be challenging. As space is at a premium, it won’t take much for the area to look cluttered or dark. To help inspire your cloakroom renovation, here are seven attractive design options.

1.    Maximise Unused Spaces

Instead of blocking off the wall next to the pipes, a more useful (and creative) option is to use that area for storage. While it might not be very wide, it can be enough room to install a custom cabinet with a shelf and a door to keep toilet rolls, creams and other bathroom supplies concealed within it.

2.    Bold Wall Pattern Choices

Wall colour can make your new cloakroom look boring or brilliant. If you want it to stand out, apply a fun wallpaperprint, such as a graphic or botanical print – something that uses bright colours. As people won’t be spending a lot of time in the spare loo, this room is a great place to take a design risk.

3.    Wall-Mounted Toilet

A wall-hung toilet is a great space-saving option with a sleek, modern appearance. They don’t use any floor space and can make your cloakroom bathroom look bigger than it is.

Check where the waste pipes are located to see where is best to put the fixture. A bonus is that it’s very easy to clean around the bowl!

4.    Colourful Flooring

If you decided that #2 on this list wasn’t right for your small cloakroom, consider a colourful floor instead. Instantly add drama to the space with a daring hue, such as lime green. It stands out against off-white walls and white fixtures in your renovated space.

5.    Custom Shelving

As space is usually hard to come by in the extra room, a built-in shelf or cupboard around the toilet can provide a useful way to get necessary storage. Speak with an expert about which cloakroom design is ideal for your home to get the most functionality possible out of the area, as well as the attractive look you’re after.

Built-ins can provide a streamlined design. Plus, they can look more expensive than they are when the installation is done correctly.

6.    Pay Attention to Scale

A large vanity unit can quickly dwarf everything else in the downstairs toilet and look out of proportion. It also takes up valuable space in a tiny room. However, you can still have beautiful furniture and accessories; the key is choosing ones that are to scale with the area.

7.    Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

If you prefer that the cloakroom creates a sense of warmth and peacefulness, opt for pale hues of green, blue or yellow for the walls or accessories. Tongue-and-groove panelling can add a classic look – as well as interest – to the room, as do a few cream and pink flowers in glass vases on the windowsill.

Conclusions on Your Cloakroom Renovation

When you revamp your spare loo, consider using one or more of the suggestions above. The ideas here may also help you envision new ways to redesign the main bathroom in your house.

Whether your cloakroom makes a bold statement or a more classic one is up to you and your family. Create a room that makes the best use of the space and that you will love for many years to come.