Best Handmade Face Masks Gift Guide

Thursday June 11, 2020,0/-/resize/1356x1104/

We've selected the best handmade face masks created by talented UK makers, which are not only functional, but also stylish.

Face masks will become mandatory in UK from 15 June 2020 and we will all need to wear one when we are on public transport or attending a hospital appointment. They are also a good idea to wear in the closed spaces where social distancing is not always possible, like a supermarket or at work. 

The good thing is that we don't have to wear a clinical face mask, but have can make our own face mask or buy a handmade face mask instead.

So today, I wanted to select my personal favourite handmade fabric face masks, that will keep up safe. Prices vary slightly, but they are all around £10-15, which is a great value, considering that you can re-use your face mask day after day.

Best handmade face masks made in UK

1. Pretty Face Mask with Flowers >>


Comfortable to wear and pretty to look at, this handmade face mask has a pocket for a non-woven filter (like a paper tissue).


2. Children Cotton Face Mask >>

This mask is made in a smaller version perfectly suitable for children. The face mask strings are also comfortable and make it easy to put on and take off. It's brilliant that this mask can be ordered in two different sizes - one for very young children age 3-5 and one size for children 5-12.


3. Stylish Black Face Mask >>

If you fancy keeping things simple, yet stylish, you can't go wrong with this handmade face mask. Available for fast delivery, fully washable, easy to iron and a great value for money too.


4. Grey Stars Face Mask >>

Another stylish handmade face mask made for adults. Including adjustable strings, comfortable cotton fabric and easy material to wash.


5. Cotton Face Mask - multiple fabric to choose from >>

This face mask has all the other necessary requirements for a face mask, but it comes with multiple options for fabric to choose from. They are all pretty and chearful patterns. Free delivery included.


How to look after your handmade face mask

All face masks are made from a strong fabric, usually 100% cotton. This is because the face mask have to be washed regularly at hot temperature (min 60C, but better at 90c). Once dry, it's best to iron your face mask as this not only keeps the design neat, but also sterilises the fabric.

To keep you safe, you'll need more than one face mask to make sure that you can change them as you go through the day. They lose their functionality after a few hours (when they get slightly moist from breathing).

This means that's best to get at least 2-3 face mask - one for the train journey to work, one for journey back and one spare (or for occasional wear during day). Make sure you keep clean plastic bags to put your used face mask in and wash them immediately when you get home.