Beyond Leather: Creative 3rd Anniversary Gifts

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Congratulations! You have managed to make it to another year. Still happy you’re alive? That’s great! Treat yourself to a birthday dinner. Just spent 3 years being married to the love of your life? Now that is really something worthy of celebrating.

You already know this- marriages are not beds of roses. They take hard work, resilience, and commitment to come out on the other side. When you are in a marriage or a long-term relationship, every single day that passes is a choice to stay together or not.

On any given day, either one of you could walk out the door and opt never to return. Most walk away; others stay. Daunting right? It’s not easy to live with the same person for a year let alone 3.  As such, if you have managed to successfully build a life with your spouse for 3 years, you should take every opportunity given to celebrate together by exchanging gifts or tokens that symbolize your commitment to one another.

Traditionally, the 3rd anniversary calls for leather based gifts. If you opt to take the classical route, then you know the drill. Because you already have a general idea of what you want, the shopping process should be a little more straightforward for you. 

All you have to do is carry out a little research to find an appropriate leather-based gift based on your budget and your partner’s preferences and likes. But if you are looking to be a little unique and want to shop for gifts that are not leather, you will need to be more creative to find the perfect gift.

Not to worry though. To help you out and set you on a path for success, here are some great 3rd anniversary gifts that go beyond leather:

Anything crystal and shiny

Aside from leather, according to GiftWits, crystal and glass gifts are also acceptable for anniversaries. For 3rd anniversaries, crystal and glass are supposed to embody beauty and reflection. Shopping for crystal gifts should be easier because they are everywhere these days; from water bottles to yoga accessories and even adult-themed toys.

Whether you believe in the power of crystals or simply think that they are pretty to look at, it is hard to be mad at a crystal gift. Crystals send a powerful message in relationships. For instance, crystals such as rose quartz are great for wading off jealousy from the relationship.

A crystal like a carnelian, on the other hand, is closely linked to the second chakra, which is associated with physical happiness. Laying a carnelian crystal on your second chakra or around your heart can help to boost your libido and can help bring you and your partner closer together; who doesn’t want that for their relationship?

When it comes to glass gifts, the sky's the limit. From engraved glass paperweights to vases and engraved wine or whisky glasses, there are plenty of glass based gifts that you can consider that will please your partner. And don’t forget to add a card, which will help to make your gift feel a lot more personal.

A symbolic bouquet

If you are shopping for a 3rd anniversary gift on a budget or you already have everything that you could possibly need, consider giving your partner an emblematic bouquet of flowers instead. You can include any type of flower that you want in your bouquet. However, if you are a traditionalist, sunflowers are a typical 3rd anniversary option.

Sunflowers symbolize passion, warmth, trust, and respect so it makes sense to include them in your bouquet. But we understand that not everyone is a fan. In which case, any other arrangement will do as long as it suits the recipient. Fuschia is also a great flower option that is associated with beauty and abundance, which is everything that you would want for your relationship.

If you are buying flowers for a partner that is already named after a flower, consider matching the flower to your spouse’s name. Alternatively, you can pick a flower type that represents a beautiful memory that you share such as your wedding day bouquet or a bouquet that comes in your partner’s favorite color.

Take a trip together

Marriage is a ton of work-no one knows that better than you. Travelling together with your spouse is a great opportunity for a couple to work out any issues that may exist in the relationship while creating long lasting memories that will solidify your bond. 

And if you have kids, you probably don’t get as many chances to get away together on romantic vacations. As such, your anniversary is the perfect excuse to leave everyone behind (kids included) so that you can get back to you. 

The benefits of travelling together with your spouse are well documented; not just for anniversaries but for life in general. For instance, when you travel together you have no choice but to work as a team, which will go a long way in strengthening the way that you communicate with another. 

Travelling is also a straightforward way to energize your relationship. Whether you prefer heading out to the desert or you just want to walk barefoot on a beach, a vacation together promises to combine all the lovely elements of devoted romance, namely trust and intimacy. 

Final Thoughts

Excited to start shopping for your 3rd anniversary? Or are you secretly freaking out? We get it; sometimes it feels as though the longer you’ve been with someone, the harder the process of gift shopping can be. And when you are low on funds, it can be hard trying to trim the overall cost of a gift without sacrificing the quality.

And even though 3rd year anniversary gifts are supposed to be leather-based in some form, there is no law that says that you cannot deviate from the norm. You would be surprised to discover how many great gifts there are for 3rd anniversaries that go beyond leather. You just have to know where to look.

Hopefully, this list will make the process a little easier on you. Do have fun through the shopping experience; you will find that the process will be more enjoyable that way. remember, it is not how much you spend that makes a great gift but it is your attention to detail that will help to make your gift a lot more memorable. Happy shopping!