Construction Essentials for Self-Employed Builders

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The self-employed can hardly claim to have had an easy ride through the pandemic. Yes, there’s been the self-employed support scheme, which has gone some way to pick up the income of individuals in the face of declining trade - but it’s in no way mitigated the damage that self-employed builders have experienced to their business and their ability to pick up work in their local area. But now, as the world reopens and consumers become more confident asking builders back to work, here are the construction essentials you need to be bringing with you to each job.

Your Gear

One thing COVID-19 hasn’t changed are the nuts and bolts of building and construction work. As such, now is the time to restock on all of your building essentials that you’ve not ordered for the months of lockdown when your business slowed. Here we’re looking at collated screws for ease of access, and the materials you’ll expect to need on your next few jobs.

Order these as far in advance as possible in order to avoid the impact of any delays that your suppliers might be experiencing - as we’re still in the ‘new normal’ of business disruption and supply chain disorganisation. It’s also worth lining up Plan B suppliers, in case your preferred dealer is out of stock or struggling to get materials to you in time.

COVID-19 Gear

Most builders are working on homes occupied by homeowners or those renting their properties. This of course means that there’s a chance of infection and contamination, and you should communicate with each and every customer in order to ensure that they’re comfortable with the measures that you’ve put in place to guarantee their health and safety in this unprecedented time.

For many builders, this means using light plastic screens to divide their workspace from the living space of their customers. It also means frequently applying hand sanitiser, and wearing a mask when not in the thick of the work you’re performing. Finally, customers are likely to trust you more if you’ve taken a COVID-19 test in recent days - or if you’re checking your temperature daily, so that you’re on top of your own health as you work.

Vehicle and Transport

With some self-employed builders having spent months with very little to do, your vehicle might have suffered from inaction over the past few weeks. As the cold weather approaches upon us, there’s a chance that your van may be suffering from the ravages of a colder climate - and for older vehicles, it’s imperative that you’re running them for a few minutes each day to keep the engine in peak condition.

Meanwhile, aside from maintenance, you should also make sure that your vehicle is COVID-19 secure, and that you’re not welcoming friends, family or other builders from outside your bubble into your vehicle at any time. Your health is important for your ongoing work, and it’s important for your clients, too.

Bear in mind these new and existing construction essentials in order to minimise the risk that you’ll not be able to complete jobs in the aftermath of the national lockdown.