Diamond Engagement Rings Auckland: Why You Should Only Buy From A Reputable Store

Tuesday September 08, 2020

Getting engaged and married are milestones in a couple’s life. Thus, the type of engagement ring you purchase should symbolize your love story and future togetherness. This is an important decision that takes time and research, and this endeavour can only be successful if you work with a reputable store rather than simply hoping you made the right decision.

Doing this lowers your chances of getting disappointed, and here’s why:


1. Get Expert Advice

Trying to find the perfect ring by yourself can be daunting. You might not have expertise or knowledge required for ring purchasing. Ring quality, longevity, style, and cleaning and maintenance processes are all factors that you can learn from diamond ring experts. A ring may be beautiful to look at, but might not have the key qualities that you need to consider to make it a valuable purchase. Approaching diamond ring experts from a reputable store can help you make the right decision.


2. Competitive And Client-Based Pricing

Reputable engagement ring stores such as Diamonds on Richmond base their pricing structures on the client. As the client, you dictate the type of ring that you’ll purchase. The amount of detail that will be included regarding the diamonds and designs determines how much you will spend. Since a couple’s goal might be to save as much money as possible for the planning and other demands that come with a wedding, a reputable store might give you a reasonable price without compromising on the ring’s quality.

At first glance, upfront costs might seem hefty, but reputable stores provide quality rings that will last long so, in the long run, you’re actually saving money this way as you won’t need to worry about replacing the ring or getting it damaged easily.

 Three diamond rings - choosing the right engagement.jpg

3. Get Quality Information

A quick search about diamonds yields overwhelming results that may leave you confused and exhausted to sort through everything. Reputable ring stores provide you with quality information, which you need to make an informed decision. Jewellery experts in these stores can tell you about the different types of diamonds and the important factors you need to take into account when purchasing an engagement ring. They can also tell you how their diamonds are extracted and sourced, which can indicate the good ethical standards practiced by the store. You won’t leave the shop wondering if you made the right decision, and you can confidently look forward to the proposal.

If you don’t have time to visit an actual shop, you can browse through the website of a reputable store like https://www.diamondsonrichmond.co.nz, which can also provide you with the information you need to select the perfect engagement ring.


4. Great Customer Service

Reputable stores often have great customer service with the objective of keeping you satisfied with your purchase. This means that even if the ring needs re-sizing after the proposal, you and your partner can simply walk into the store and have this done for you free of charge. After having the ring re-sized, you can simply walk in and let the gem be cleaned and polished by professionals. Maintenance is, therefore, much easier to avail of when you work with a reputable store, and the quality is more professional compared to when you DIY the cleaning process.

There can also be a variety of factors that may lead you to change your mind from the time you propose to a later date. Reputable stores provide a window period where you can exchange the ring if you wish. Since these stores are client-based, they understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur, and will gladly provide you with your desired option.



Trying to find a perfect ring on your own may lead to future disappointments because of the lack of expert help and advice. If you’re thinking of buying an engagement ring, you can be confident that reputable stores will provide you with quality information, which you need to make an informed decision. Such stores are also client-based and provide great customer service with the intention of making you feel satisfied with the purchase you made from them. They provide free maintenance and cleaning, as well as an exchange period should you change your mind about the ring you bought.

Moreover, they also have pricing structures that cater to every type of customer and their needs. Reputable stores also practice the ethical sourcing of diamonds, giving you the peace of mind knowing that the ring you’ve bought for your beloved is of high quality and can last for a lifetime.