Five fun craft hobbies to try out this holiday season

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In most years, the Christmas season is a time for going out and socialising. Whether it’s work gatherings, parties with friends or family meals, it’s not uncommon to have a jam-packed calendar in November and December. Of course this year things are different thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic that has left many of us confined to our homes and unable to socialise in large groups.

This is no reason to be disheartened though. Think of the extra time as an opportunity to explore new hobbies and try your hand at something different. Crafts are ideal because you can buy everything you require on the web, and find all the instructions you need online too. Plus there’s something to suit everyone! Here are some ideas to get you inspired.



Once thought to be a hobby for elderly women, knitting is enjoying a boom in popularity. So why not grab a pair of needles, some yarn from and see what all the fuss is about? Once you’ve learned the basic stitches and techniques, you can follow patterns you find online that you like the look of and make all kinds of items. This includes blankets, scarves, jumpers, hats and all sorts of other cosy creations!


Candle making

Candle making is a surprisingly simple craft to get started with. You can use wax from old candles or purchase some new, then you just need a wick for it to go around once melted. There are plenty of starter kits you can buy, plus you can personalise your creation by adding colours or even (non-flammable) objects like seashells. You can also drop in your favourite scent to the liquid wax and make your own scented candle.



If you’re looking for a mindful and calming activity, calligraphy could be ideal. It helps you to slow down, breathe, focus and tune out your surroundings. In fact in many countries monks use calligraphy practice as a form of meditation. With just a good quality pen, nib and ink you can create beautiful and unique pieces of artwork in many different styles. You might even find your normal handwriting improves as a result of your new hobby!


Jewellery making

Those who are fans of fashion and accessories might find jewellery making a lot of fun. You can craft everything from earrings and bracelets to necklaces and rings, and each item will be entirely unique to you. There are plenty of online tutorials you can get inspiration from, and once you’ve honed your talent you’ll be able to make wonderfully personalised gifts for friends too.



If you’ve always wanted to improve your art skills, now is a perfect time to do so. There are lots of different mediums you could try – including oil paints, watercolours and acrylics – as well as a variety of subjects to focus on. So whether you want to paint stunning landscapes, accurate portraits, cute animals or even abstract art, the choice is entirely yours.