How to choose a thoughtful gift for someone

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There’s nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up when you give them a gift, but finding the right gift can be a challenge. What can you buy someone who seems to have everything, especially if you’re on a budget?

The key to putting a smile on their face is not always in the price tag; it’s about buying something thoughtful. Being thoughtful is not running around the shops at the last minute and grabbing any old thing you think they might like, it’s about really thinking about who you’re buying for, what they like, and how you can make your gift unique and meaningful.

But with so many gift choices on the high-street and online, where do you start? Here’s our guide on how to choose a thoughtful gift for someone.

Start by finding out what they like (and dislike)

Make a list of their interests and the things that define them. Do they love art? Is chocolate one of the loves of their life? Do they love a little bit of luxury? Let your gift reflect this and think outside the box. They’ll really appreciate a thoughtful gift that is personal to them.

Allow plenty of time to find your perfect gift

Once you’ve made a list of ideas, you can start shopping around for gifts. Unless you’re very savvy, or lucky, the perfect gift probably won’t just appear right away. Allow yourself plenty of time to find something you’ll know they’ll really like instead of panic buying something you aren’t sure about.

Don’t resort to the usual suspects

It may well be that the person you’re buying a gift for just adores socks, chocolates, and bubble bath, but gifts like these might not seem particularly thoughtful. Why not browse our range of beautiful unique handmade products and personalised gifts and find something they’ll truly love?

Ditch the high street

Avoid the embarrassment of duplicating gifts by forgoing the high street and heading online for a unique personalised gift that no one else will have thought of. Many of our gifts are bespoke or one-off items that will show someone you’ve really thought about them.

Choose the gift based on an experience you had together

Sometimes a gift is not just a gift, it tells a story. It connects us to other people through our shared experiences and memories. These are what our lives are made of, so giving someone a gift that makes them reminisce about happy times gone by will feel very special.

Make it personal

A personalised gift is always a good choice, but instead of the usual boring name/date personalisation, why not personalise your gift with a quote, a line from a poem, or lyrics from a song that means something to them? They’ll love the gesture and they’ll know you’ve put a lot of thought into your gift.

Buy something practical that they will actually use

Okay, we’re not saying that your friend or loved one wouldn’t appreciate a scarf, but when you’re buying practical gifts, you have to make them a little bit special so they’ll love it (and so it won’t be cast into the wardrobe never to be seen again!). Think a silk scarf with a beautiful design, or something else that they might think is too extravagant to buy for themselves. Practical gifts definitely don’t seem boring when they have a beautiful finish or they’re made from a luxury material.

Remember that it’s not about the price tag

Some people think that the more you spend on a gift, the better it must be. But just because a gift is more expensive, it doesn’t mean that you’ve put more thought into it, or that you care about someone more. Many people would rather receive a thoughtful gift that’s personal to them. Instead of blowing your budget, spend more time putting some thought into choosing the perfect gift.

Do you need some gift inspiration?

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