How To Choose The Best Outdoor Furniture And Rattan Corner Sofas For Your Garden

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A spacious garden together with the perfect choice of outdoor furniture is enticing, especially when the weather is getting warmer, and it is time to spruce up your home. With weather-proof chairs and tables, cushions, and grills that are perfect for a garden party, it holds the promise of entertainment, relaxation, and overall satisfaction.   

However, when choosing outdoor furniture, it is not as easy as choosing your indoor amenities, you should also consider the weather and the desired comfort you want to bring in an outside space. Not all furnishings you see in the market are suitable for outdoor living space; you have to balance the look of your furniture and ensure that it is made of good quality material.

Choosing the best outdoor furniture for your garden requires effort because you have to consider several factors first. Aside from making sure that these pieces actually complement your home’s architecture and interior design, you have to consider the durability of these pieces as well. And with the number of outdoor furniture available in the market today, narrowing down your options can be a challenge.

The following are ways on how to choose the best outdoor furniture for your garden.


  1. Consider the Quality of the Materials

The first thing you have to consider when buying outdoor furniture is quality. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for", choosing a sparse quality furnishing means you only wasted your money. While on the other hand, opting for an expensive high-quality product means you spent your money wisely because it can withstand various weather conditions for a long time.

The price of the outdoor furniture is vital but keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better. More often than not, cheaper pieces are made from substandard materials that are prone to damage. Using these kinds of pieces in your garden can only result to stress and added expenses, as you’ll end up paying for repairs or replacements regularly.

The weather plays a massive role in determining how good is the material. Pick easy-care materials that compliment the look of your home. Regardless of the theme you’re currently following in your home, you’ll never run out of options because there are many choose from, such as:

There are many options to choose from:

      Steel and Wrought Iron. These materials are remarkably sturdy and great for an outdoor living space. However, it would be best if you had cushions to be comfortable while sitting, and paint the material with a weather-proof finish every year to prevent it from rusting.

      Wood. There's no doubt that natural wood is a durable material for your furniture, but this requires preservative treatments and regular maintenance for UV protection and weather. You can opt for a weather-resistant wood such as cypress, teak, redwood, and cedar for lesser maintenance.

      PVC, Plastic, and Aluminum. These materials are low-priced, rust-proof, lightweight, and easy to clean, using water and soap. However you have to place them securely in case of storms and high winds because they have flimsy construction.

      Rattan and Wicker. Rattan furniture is stylish, versatile, inexpensive, all-purpose, and elegant. It is the most resilient material because it can be weaved in different shapes, and is composed of sturdy wood. Lastly, resin weave rattan furniture is resistant to UV rays and can resist the types of weather systems. You can check out corner rattan sofas on to choose from the vast choices of rattan corner sofa that is perfect for your garden.


  1. Measure Your Space and Decide Where to Place Your Furniture


Use the shape and area of your garden to know the size of the furniture you need to buy. Ensure that you have enough space to walk around comfortably. You can also purchase more gardening products and accessories from Sapcote Garden Centre to match the style of the plants, make colorful and stylish surroundings, or have a minimalistic design, depending on your preference.

If you’re usually reading guides on The Patient Gardener as you plan to start your own garden soon, make sure to consider the size of your future garden as well. You don’t want to end up buying outdoor furniture that are too big or too small for your garden as this can adversely affect the ambiance of the space.

Ideally, you should prepare a layout of your garden as this can help you determine how big or small your outdoor furniture should be. This will help you narrow down your options, and ensure that you’ll only buy pieces that will allow you to maximize your garden.

Also, decide wisely on where you should place the furniture, Do not place a furnishing made of softwood like pine on an exposed grassy area. The dampness from the ground can cause the wood to disintegrate. Additionally, it can also make some metals deteriorate. You should also install umbrellas for shade if you are receiving too much sunlight exposure.


  1. Consider Comfort

Because summer is approaching, you should also consider furniture that gives comfort while you are resting outside. Pick an outdoor chair with enough cushions and pillows to increase coziness. Cushions will provide comfort to you and your guests, and encourage everyone to stay in your garden for longer periods. Aside from this, investing in cushions for your outdoor furniture will also encourage your family and guests to engage in conversations with each other, and bask in the great outdoors to relax.

However,  if it's not part of the deal, you can buy or make your own.

If you're planning to use pure foam for a custom-made cushion, it will be either very delicate or very hard depending on the foam's density. So choose cushions that make use of a filler and foam mix to have increased comfort.

Ensure that the cushion is made from a mildew-resistant and high-quality fabric to prevent it from fading quickly. Specialists also advised that rattan daybeds and hammocks are also the best ways to enjoy the outdoors.


  1. Decide the Shape, Size, and Color

Before arriving at your decision, assure that the size of the furniture is proper for the place. It also comes in different shapes to match your decor. Hence, you'll choose from a lot of rattan choices because this material can be shaped in different sizes and shapes.

For the color, modern spaces often have furniture with bright colors, such as red, yellow, and bright blue. You can also decide the color based on the seasons, start with neutral colors, and add bright colors later if needed. Patterned colors make the area elegant, while radiant hues make it playful.


  1. Keep in Mind the Storage

 Once summer is over, it will be hard for you to use your garden furniture because of the cold weather. Therefore, add life to your amenities by providing protected storage. Covers are not enough to protect them, so make sure that you have extra storage space. Buy furniture that you can use during winter, or covers that fold easily for storage.


Ideal outdoor furniture should be functional, durable, easy to take care of, worth the price, and match the outdoor landscape's outdoor theme. And lastly, the right furniture is an investment, so take time to decide and make sure that you'll have the comfort and fun you want.