How To Choose The Right Handbag To Complete Your Overall Look

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Bags and a host of other dress items are classified as accessories. There are different bag types, including handbags, clutches, satchels, and corporate bags.

The need to properly select a handbag could be downplayed as inconsequential after all; they are just accessories. However, they could make or mar a person's look. In a twist, trends also primarily tend to define the selection of handbags. However, most times, 'trend' is not the right benchmark to use.

Indeed, handbags can be the perfect item to compliment your overall look. However, this can only be achieved with the right judgment. They can be rightly considered as fashion accessories but can easily ruin an outfit if not chosen carefully. The choice of a handbag can be rightly downplayed by many but is accurately selected by women with sufficient knowledge on what options are available.

Some of the considerations to make when choosing a handbag are:

  1. Pick a Bag That is Suited For The Occasion

The type of occasion you are dressing for will determine the types of bag you would select. There are bag types that are suitable for a corporate outing while there are some that work for casual ones. Then some bags cut across and work for all occasions. They are best suited for those who don't have the luxury of buying so many.

Examples of handbags and the occasions for which they are suited to include:

      Shoulder Bags: They are about the most used type of handbags out there. They have single or double straps with which to carry them over the shoulder. They are suited for almost everywhere.

      Tote Bags: These are large bags with enough space to carry all the items you plan to take for an outing. They are suitable for shopping and casual meetings.

      Backpacks: These are convenient bags. They are equipped with straps to put them on your back with which you can be used to balance the weight of the bag equally. They are functional for all purposes.

      Clutches: For all casual purposes, clutches are great. They are easy to carry and are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  1. Let The Bag Size Complement Your Body Size

The ability of a bag to complement a body is majorly hinged on size. The right bag size is important because the stylishness of your bag is inconsequential if it doesn't suit your size.

For an individual with a generally small stature, it is expected that they should opt for smaller bag sizes. For an individual who is taller and more prominent in stature, the bigger sizes would fit appropriately.

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  1. Comfort

Comfort is an important factor in dressing, and that includes your handbag. Because of this, a handbag has to be at a considerable level of comfort. Many branded bags continue to sell, mainly because of the level of comfort users enjoy by using them.

Sometimes the design of some bags is not as impressive as one would expect for their price tags. However, comfort is exactly what users enjoy and would keep them coming back.

  1. The Right Compartments

The compartments in a bag are essentially its inner pockets. They are essential primarily because they provide more functionality and make the bag look more organized on the outside.

Security is another good reason why your bag should have the right compartments. If you are always on the move at work, you would prefer a bag that can properly hold valuable items like your money, office documents, and phone. On a night out with friends, a clutch purse with enough card pockets and some space for your phone will suffice.

  1. Choose the Right Colour For Your Outfit

A great way to improve your overall look is to match your bag color with your outfit correctly. This is sometimes assumed to match your shoes, scarves, or an item well, not always.

An option to consider when selecting a bag color is to choose a neutral color. That way, your bag will combine with any outfit anytime. Black is a major neutral color you would never go wrong choosing.

  1. Try It On

The last step to choosing a handbag is to try it on. All other steps to selecting a bag are not as practical as trying them on.

You can look up the bag's suitability in a mirror or ask someone for a review of how it works with your ensemble. This will help you move on from any emotional drawings you might have gotten from a bag's look to how well it works with your ensemble and body.


Picking the right bag to go with your overall look might be quite tricky without all the information needed to make it work. However, when done right a bag is a desirable add-on to have in your dressing.

To achieve this, ensure to dress for the occasion. We all have different body sizes and there are different bag sizes that work with each type.

Comfort should be a priority for you when selecting a bag. A bag with the right compartment will be more functional. The bag's color should match or at least work with your clothes as you try them on.