How to find fancy products online

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Online shopping is the way of the world now so at the end of the month, buyers are always quick to spend their paychecks on the latest products they can find. However, how to get to these products is the real question. We’ve compiled a list which will help you to find fancy products online below.

1.   Social Media Networks

The major social media networks to focus on when it comes to searching for fancy products online are Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter. There are different ways to use a social media network to look for products and product ideas online. Some of them are mentioned below.

     Hashtags: If you are interested in a particular product category, you can try searching for them by using applicable hashtags. Apart from searching for the product itself, you can use different techniques such as “#want” and #buy” which indicate buyer intent.

     Audience Insight: The audience insights on a business page on any social media site are useful to find similar products. Understanding the pages, interests and characteristics products have in common helps brainstorm products along those lines.


2.   Consumer lifestyle publications

Certain lifestyle magazines and publications can reveal a lot about market trends and audience desires. For instance, Trend Hunter is the world’s largest, and most popular trend community and is a source of inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Consider the main focus of these publications to find out which products are most relevant in the market. To find out the most popular products, see which articles receive the most shares, the most social media engagement and comments from customers. These publications make the consumer intent and focus very clear so as a potential buyer, you know what places to search in advance. 

3.   Social Forum Communities

These social forums are a great way of looking for products online. From Reddit (the largest social media news aggregator) and Quora (a community question and answer site) to different industry and niche forums, these communities help you get insight into consumer behaviour to help you understand where to find the right products from on websites.

4.   Online Consumer marketplaces

Another source to find fancy products online is an online marketplace. You can find millions of products online in no time on the following marketplaces:

      Ebay: eBay is perhaps the largest online consumer auction site. Consumers can use eBay Market Research to find the most popular product categories on the site.

      Amazon: Amazon is perhaps the most well-known and largest internet retailer online. Amazon Best Sellers and Amazon Movers & Shakers display the most popular products and the biggest gainers in sales rank in a day respectively. Each of these are updated on an hourly basis.

      Etsy: This is a marketplace for handmade items. To find the popular listing, look up what is trending.

      Aliexpress: This is Alibaba’s consumer wholesale marketplace which gives a chance to consumers to order in small quantities. You can search for the most-bought and sought after products by navigating the site. 

5.   SEO Insights

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) insights are extremely essential to understanding market trends. They show you what’s trending globally or in a particular location. Google has certain paid tools which can be used that are listed below:


      Google Trends: This helps you figure out the regional/global trends and choose from topics such as Health, Business and Tech. Research using keywords to find related searches, along with predicted increases in searches can help find certain products.

      Google Analytics: If there is already a website in mind, you can use the data from Google Analytics to find out which terms users are searching for. Volume is not necessarily important: There can be descriptive, longtail search phrases which help you think of your next big product idea! Using data from your onsite search will also help you find similar insights.

       Google Keyword: You can use this tool to help find the average search volume and keywords related to chosen phrases.

       Google search: The forgotten tool to use in SEO research is Google search. There are some key areas to look at when you’re searching on from predicted text, paid ads, to suggested searches (found towards the bottom of the page), and Google Shopping results.


6.   Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is somewhere along the lines of surveying, except through crowdsourcing you ask for ideas more directly. You can look to certain hubs for inspiration about products or create your own ideas about the products in the first place. 

7.   Website searches

This is perhaps the most basic way of looking for fancy products online. You can search the website of the product you wish to buy. So if you are looking for a particular garment, you would go to a website for a clothing store. If you are looking for a gaming console, you would go to a website for video games. On the other hand, if you are looking to, for example, purchase lottery tickets then you could look at websites like Lottoland. It is easy to buy lottery tickets online at Lottoland by browsing the website thoroughly.