How To Host an Escape Room at Home

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The landscape of socialising has changed dramatically over the last twelve months. The global pandemic has created new rules about when and how we can see our friends. It also means that many of our favourite venues are closed due to being unable to comply with the rules of social distancing. Escape room venues were always very popular and hopefully will reopen in due course. However, in the meantime, if you have a few friends round, why not consider an at-home escape room?

Escape Rooms


The premise of an escape room is that the team is locked in a single room and unable to get out until they find the key. In order to find the key, they must solve a series of problems that require them to work as a team and use lateral thinking to work out the answer. Some escape rooms have a theme such as Doctor Who; others are just based around cryptic clues and problem-solving. Sadly, these are not practical during social distancing times, but the premise of the at-home escape room games can work equally well at home.                                                                            

Escape Room parties


Although you may be unable to entirely replicate the escape room format, by thinking outside of the box, you can create a competition of problem-solving games that enable you to escape the room. You could choose to play as one group and use logic and reasoning to work out the answers to the questions, or you could split the group in half and see who gets out first. Most people will insist they are not competitive, but once placed in a situation such as an escape room, you see their real competitive nature breakthrough. Solving the problems and escaping the room is a great thing to do at a dinner party.

Make an evening of it


You could work in a similar style to a murder mystery dinner party where everybody comes, and in order to solve the crime, they must escape the room. But first, you can have a lovely dinner and socialise before breaking out into your escape room teams. The beauty of an escape room at home is that you can tailor the puzzles to suit the needs of the people attending. If you have children attending, you could give them a simpler version, and if you are dead set on playing yourself, perhaps, you could get a friend or family member who won't be at the party to set the game up for you.

No limits


The only limit to the games is the imagination of the quiz setter; you can make them as devious or straightforward as you like depending on the audience you are working with. It is good fun to see who emerges as a natural team leader, who has the strength of lateral thinking, space, and who generally panics and gives up first. There are plenty of resources available to help you create the perfect themed escape room without leaving the four walls of your house.