How to use the Etsy Export tool to set up your new WowThankYou shop effectively

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How to make the best from your newly uploaded Etsy shop

It might be tempting to leave your newly uploaded shop as an exact mirror to your Etsy shop, but here are few ideas to help you to leverage your newly created WowThankYou shop.

Product name

Review your product name and decide whether your existing Etsy product name is the best one you can use in your new WowThankYou shop. Put the most important description of your product first. You can also take this opportunity to research your keywords again and decide that perhaps it can be amended. Use your keyword (3-4 words) as a product title and don't forget to weave it naturally into your product description (this is how search engines find you). The product name length is about 50-60 characters, any longer and the search engines will not display it.

Product Descriptions

Review your product descriptions. Perhaps you’ve set up your original Etsy shop a while back and the product description could do with a little bit of tidy up? Does it still describe the product as best as it can?

I would recommend to have around 200 word long product description to help your product become more visible to the search engines and to build trust with potential customers.

Ideally, don't just leave your existing Etsy product descriptions. Instead, think creatively how you can maximise your exposure across your online presence by choosing a slightly different description or name for your product.

Product Photos

Your product photos will transfer as part of your file and automatically resize to fit your new WowThankYou shop. But it’s always worth checking that the photo still represents the product at it’s best. Make sure you have a clear picture of your product taken in daylight, that the product is nicely styled and edited. You can also add more product photos, as your WowThankYou shop has unlimited products and photos storage.

Shop Categories

Your product categories, unfortunately, won’t import from Etsy and this is because Etsy has different categories structure to WowThankYou.

This gives you the opportunity to utilise different categories to the ones you are currently using on Etsy to give you more exposure across your online presence. Use all categories and themes, that fit your product (the trick is to spread your products across different categories that apply to your product, to make your shop more visible across WowThankYou)

Consider whether you need your own shop categories (this is a good practice for large shops)

Postage & Packaging

The P&P doesn’t automatically import from your Etsy shop, as the P&P structure is different from your WowThankYou shop. To add P&P to your product, you need to first set up your master P&P in your main shop admin panel.

By default the P&P is set to £2.95 with 3 days delivery window. This is just a suggestion, so feel free to amend this to suit your products. If you have a different types of products, you can also set up several different types of P&P and then allocate the appropriate P&P to each product. This is a great option if you for example sell heavy products (e.g. frames, furniture) that require specialist postage and another group of product that is light (e.g greeting cards) that can have free or low P&P cost. There are many variations to how you can set up your P&P, including

UK shipping

International Shipping

Length of delivery

Standard P&P or upgrade at a cost

Different cost for 1st, 2nd or next day delivery

Free P&P (e.g for a group of products)

Once you have your master P&P set up, go to each product and choose which type of P&P you would like to use.

If you need to change your P&P, just change the main master P&P and the website system updates this automatically for each product using this type of P&P.

Product variations

Your product variations will be imported from your Etsy shop, but it’s worth checking each item to make sure that the variations still apply to your products in your WowThankYou shop.

You will also need to check the quantity available for each product variation, as this might not be automatically transferred.

Product Tags

Your product tags will be imported as part of your Etsy shop file. Do check that that all of these still apply to your products in your new WowThankYou shop.

Add as many tags as you want to. The total is 15 and it's advisable to use all! These are the keywords that customers use to find your products once they are on WowThankYou website.

You can also use the material tag, which works as a searchable keyword too.

Product quantity

Check that you are happy with the product quantity displayed on each product, especially if you are splitting your stock between the two marketplaces.

And finally…

Make sure your product light bulb is switched on to make your product visible online!


Hope you find the process of populating your new WowThankYou shop with our Etsy import and export tool easy to follow and set up.