How to use the Etsy export tool to start your shop on WowThankYou

Thursday July 04, 2019,0/-/resize/1356x1104/

Every time I discuss a new website feature with my team I get very excited about the possibilities. In the latest website update, I wanted to include a way of starting your shop quicker and make it easier for those sellers who manage more than one online shop.

So, this is very good news for those of you who sell on Etsy. If you currently have an Etsy shop, you can download your whole Etsy shop file and upload it directly to your WowThankYou shop. It takes just a few clicks to import the file and your shop will be populated with your Etsy products in no time.

The Etsy Import & Export tool is completely free, and you can access it via your WowThankYou shop panel. If you haven’t got your shop with us, yet, you are welcome to apply here and start today!

How does the Etsy Import tool work?

First of all, you need to download your shop from Etsy in the form of a CSV file. There is a full step by step guide in your WowThankYou admin panel, but basically, you first upload your shop file directly from your Etsy shop to your computer. Don’t rename it, just let it save automatically. The file will be in the format of a text file (CSV).

At this stage, if you wanted to upload just part of your Etsy shop (for example you want to display only one particular collection of your products in your WowThankYou shop) you can edit or delete the products by opening the CSV file and making any amendments you need.

This is also super useful to remember when you already have your WowThankYou shop set up and you want to upload new products to both Etsy and your WowThankYou shop. Instead of listing your new items on both online shops separately, upload your new products to Etsy first and then upload them to your WowThankYou shop via the Etsy Import/Export tool.

Once you have the Etsy CSV file downloaded on your computer, the next step is to upload your Etsy CSV file to your WowThankYou shop. You will find this under Export/Import in your 'Shop' panel. Just click on upload Etsy CSV file, find it on your computer and upload. Depending on how large your file is, the transfer might take anything from few minutes to couple of hours.

What does the Etsy import tool actually import to my new shop?

If uploaded correctly the file will transfer all your products, descriptions, names, prices, photos, tags, variations etc. Depending on a size of your file, this might take a few minutes or up to couple of hours. You'll get an e-mail notification, when your products uploads, or just refresh your page to check.

Do I need to do anything after the import is finished?

Yes, the import tool saves you a lot of time, but certain elements can’t be uploaded. I've written a handy guide on how to optimise your new WowThankYou shop after you've imported your Etsy shop and you can find it here. In brief, this includes allocations to categories (Etsy categories structure is different to WowThankYou),  and Postage (again the structure of both websites is different). As default, all newly uploaded products are switched off and won’t show up in your shop and on the WowThankYou website until they are allocated to a category and switched on.

So, once your Etsy shop file is uploaded, you need to go through each product and check your descriptions, tags, keywords and prices. Pictures will be uploaded automatically and will automatically resize to fit our website. You will also need to allocate each product to a category and choose a shipping profile for your product. Once done and saved, turn the green light bulb on in the right corner of each product and you are all set!

Hope you find the process of populating your new WowThankYou shop with our Etsy import and export tool easy to follow and set up.