Thoughtful ideas to celebrate Valentines Day

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Here’s a guide to getting Valentine’s Day not only right on a budget, but it's actually very thoughtful. You don't have to give in to the expensive, commercialism that has taken away the real message of Valentine’s Day, instead think simple ideas, thoughtful gifts and new ways to celebrate the day.

Instead of an expensive gift which is easy to get wrong, how about choosing to do, make or plan something that simply cannot fail! No more badly chosen lingerie, the wrong chocolates or forced flowers that don’t last. Here are our favourite thoughtful ideas to celebrate Valentines Day.

Prepare a breakfast in bed 

Keep it simple with a beautifully laid tray, choose the food with care (a bed can be a little unstable!) and make enough for you both. An artfully folded napkin will add style if you don’t want to include a flower.

Write your own love poem

Write a unique rhyming verse if you can, or research one that is appropriate and use it as a base, making alterations to make it personalised. If you can reference some key moments in your time together it will make it even more special. You can be serious, romantic or funny – perhaps if you are really clever you can be all three!

Make a lunch sandwiches extra special

A handwritten love note amongst the sandwiches will be a surprise, especially if it hints at further treats! A chocolate bar could be wrapped in hand decorated paper with a message, some loving words inked on a peel-able fruit or gift wrap the actual lunch box with a message of love on the inside.

Leave a surprise notes

Short messages saying “I Love You” secreted away in pockets, work bag or left of the pillow will keep the smiles coming all day. You could put them where they are least expected - on the bathroom mirror, in the fridge, on the steering wheel of their car or in their shoes!

Film a video message

Using the app on your phone record a message of love, perhaps from a location of importance. You can re- record it until you are happy and then send it when you want… maybe do several with a few lines of the poem you have written read from different locations.

Send a traditional love letter

Hand write a letter of love, referring to all things romantic that you have shared and planned. Write it by hand if you can and post it – how wonderful to have a letter delivered by the postman that isn’t a bill!

Cherish the best photos of your life together

Check through the photos on your phone or social media and find some to print that makes you smile and have captured a special time. Print the ones you really like. This could be just on a home printer, it's the thought that counts, not necessarily the quality of the printing paper. You could place them around the home in temporary places, over other pictures, clothes pegged to lampshades or stuck to doors. You could create a journey through your relationship from the doorway of your home to the bedroom... add a few notes of Love too

Cook a romantic meal

Going out on Valentine’s Day is often busy and expensive, not always conjuring up the romantic atmosphere that you want, so try it at home with some planning. Choose a meal that isn’t complicated or time-consuming and if it includes some special memories, all the better! Your first date perhaps or the first meal you cooked together. A suitable table layout to again highlight some good memories,  a checked table cloth if it’s picnics for example. Make a unique wine label, maybe from the photographs and use a permanent marker to write a personalised message on the glass bottle. Maybe you can find the first drink that you had together.

Make your own Valentines card

If you can’t find the ideal Valentines Day Card, you can make one. Or you can make several, the size of postcards, and string them up, bunting style at home. You can get inspiration from commercial cards or online, using a mixture of romance, quotes, funny jokes to really showcase your love.

Prepare a mixed tape 

Using a music app create a playlist of music that is relevant to you both, from the chart-toppers from when you were both born, to when you met, had a date, first kiss etc. Although you can’t create a genuine actual mixed tape you could make the cardboard insert with the handwritten songs and artists. You could go further and write why you choose each song too!

Choose the perfect film to watch together

Find a selection of films and know where (which app/ channel) you can watch them. Have the candles and matches to hand so you can create a romantic mood seamlessly and without fuss.

Even more romantic would be using this guide on a special anniversary or birthday as love isn’t just about making one day special!