Top 3 Eco-Friendly Products for The Home

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As humanity has grown more and more conscious on the effects the way we live has on the environment, many individuals and families have made steps to live cleaner and be more aware on how they treat their local environment. As a society, we’ve seen our spending habits change, a mass reduction on single-use plastic, and so much more, however, some of the biggest changes we can make can be made right at our homes.


The great thing is, making a difference does not have to be a big ordeal, or complete our wallets take a significant hit, so with that being said here are some great eco-friendly products for the home.


Composite Fencing


Composite fencing is a great new type of fencing that is taking the UK by storm. These fences are stylish and effective, being made from a sleek combination of wood and plastic, giving it the benefits of both materials. These fences are extremely rot-resistant, require no protective paint, and will never splinter or split, all while maintaining a natural look. 


The composite fence panels from Ecomposite are also great for the environment as they use recycled plastic and wood to make up 90% of the fencing. The remainder is an eco-friendly and biodegradable bonding agent, to combine these materials.


Solar Panels


Fossil fuels are some of the biggest contributors to the worlds carbon footprint, so integrating other more clean and renewable forms of energy is a great way to help the environment. Solar panel roof tiles can do just that as they harness the heat and light energy from the sun and can transform this into electricity to help power the home. This reduces the amount of national grid energy you need and thus can help you reduce your energy bills.


They’re also a stylish addition to your house and can add significant value to your home if you decide to sell in the future. Do consider that these works best in warm environments where there is a lot of sun, so do make sure to have the regular weather in your location in mind.




What is even worse than using a lot of energy made from fossil fuels, is waiting that energy unnecessarily. Many homes fail to keep in their heat because of the fact that they’re not well insulated. Adding insulation between your walls and especially within your roof can really help improve your homes thermal retention, meaning that its wont need as much energy to heat it. However, you want to make sure that your insulation materials are good for the environment too, as there are many harmful chemicals in the traditional products. Alternatives such as sheep’s wool, cotton, cork or recycled plastic are all good options as they’re non-toxic and can biodegrade.


Another great way to insulate your home is to also invest in either double or triple glazed windows. These are great for helping to keep the heat in, but also has another benefit as they can also shut out sounds, making them good options if you live by a busy road or street.