Top Tips for Working from Home

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This last year has forced many workers to stay away from their usual office space in the town and city centres, and instead, they have had to adjust to working from home. For those that are finding it hard to adjust, it can be hard to stay motivated or to avoid distractions in your house. If this is happening to you, here are some tips you can use to help you work better from home:

Set a Schedule

It’s easy to lose track of your usual routine when you no longer have to get up for the commute, and while it’s nothing to feel bad about, if you have noticed you are struggling to get out of bed to turn on your laptop, you need to try and break that habit. Setting a work schedule is a good way to do this and it will keep you on track with your daily tasks. This doesn’t mean you have to get up as early as you were before, but find the right hours that work for you and make sure you’re sticking to this as your work schedule.

Create a Separate Space

Where possible, create an office space in your home that is separate from your living areas. For example, do you have a spare bedroom that can be converted into a study/home office? Or is there a quiet corner in your bedroom or living room that can be filled with a desk to work from? Having an allocated working area will help to keep you focused and get you into the right mindset for work. Alternatively, if there is limited space in the house, you can still save the commute with a garden office. If you think working from home will become a permanent situation for you, investing in a garden office could be a good idea as it will help keep your living space and working environment separate from one another.

Get Dressed

For some people, one of the perks from working from home is that there is no longer the need to dress in business attire. Instead, you can sit at your desk in your comfortable loungewear, perhaps only swapping your baggy t-shirt for a smarter top when you’re on a video-call with your boss. Although you can swap your suit for more comfortable clothing, make sure you are getting washed and dressed before you start your work. It will help to refresh you and make you feel more prepared for the working day.

Go for a Walk

Unfortunately, working from home can occasionally cause feelings of cabin fever, and this can be hard for your mental health. To break up the monotony and for a change of scene, try to go for a short walk on your lunch break or at the end of your working day to help refresh your body and your mind.

There are benefits of choosing to work from home, but it isn’t easy for everyone. Try it out, following these tips and see how you get on.