Turning Your Passion for Sewing into a Business

Friday October 23, 2020

Being able to sew is a fantastic and valuable skill that not enough people know how to do. It is also easier than you think to turn your sewing skill into a profitable business - follow these tips to find out how!

Start a Local Repair and Alteration Service

This is one of the best ways to begin turning your sewing hobby into a small business. People need alterations made to clothes all the time, often to clothing like wedding dresses and tuxedos. Beginning with this kind of business is a great idea as it can fit in easily around other commitments and let you build your reputation and a customer base.

Develop into a Customised Clothing Service

If you have built up your business by offering repairs and alterations, the next step to take would be to offer customised clothing. This can be very inexpensive and allow you to use the skills you have developed through repairs and alteration work to offer unique and quirky clothing to your existing customers. You can use social media to offer your customised clothes and services online to generate a new revenue stream. Have a look online at sites like theretailfactory.co.uk for Flexible Mannequins that can help you to both make your alterations and customisations, and act as a model for pictures to use online on your social media accounts.

Make Gifts and Home Accessories

Clothing is not the only profitable use of your sewing skills. There are a lot of gifts and home decor accessories that can be sewn, adding to your repertoire, and creating new ways for you to generate sales. Curtains and drapes are an excellent example of this, and often need repairs and alterations. You can also use sewing and knitting to make unique party favours for weddings, for example. Gifts and accessories can be a great way to add a little to your existing sales, as people can be tempted to buy something small and inexpensive when they are making a larger purchase, adding to revenue.

Offer Sewing Classes

Teaching people to sew can be very profitable. It is a skill that many people need to have, but too few have learned. Teaching people to sew one on one or as a part of a class can be very rewarding, and very profitable. You can hold regular classes in your home or your business premises, and even offer classes online through services like Zoom and Skype, helping you to reach more people and conduct classes around your other commitments.

Sewing Quilts and Aprons

These two products are always popular and are an opportunity for any competent sewer to profit from their skills. Personalised aprons for the kitchen or the barbeque are always a sales hit, and if you make some clever and amusing designs, you will generate some sales. Think about where to add pockets to make them more convenient. An apron can be sewn on a machine in minutes, making them a great way to make some money from your skills quickly.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can turn your sewing passion into your own business, and make money doing something you are passionate about.