Unique Gift Ideas for 2020

Saturday September 19, 2020

With its multiple challenges, 2020 has been quite the year, which means gifts are more important than ever to spread cheer and goodwill. While the world has slowed down, our loved ones are still having birthdays, our friends are still having babies, and then there is the “sorry your wedding was cancelled this year” gift – a new category.

With that in mind, here’s a look at some gifts ideas so you can tell our loved ones you’re still thinking about them even though you might only be able to see them on a video call screen.


Fruit, but in a bouquet


For those concerned about their friends or family living off a diet of biscuits and pop tarts, this is a gift for both the recipient and yourself. Nothing says “please eat some nutrients” like this fun fruit bouquet, packed to the brim with beautifully carved fresh fruit. Some of the fruits are even dipped in dark chocolate because you are not a complete monster.


 A games table


Remembering a happier time when we could touch things can make us extremely nostalgic for the lives we once enjoyed. No matter how old someone is, a birthday can still very much be a cause for a celebration – so what happens when party venues are no longer accessible? Bring the party to them!

A football table is the ultimate decadent gift for those stuck at home, daydreaming about days spent at the pub or arcade. Make their day with this simple and enchanting game and head over to Home Leisure Direct for a present that no strangers will have touched! – A gift that keeps on giving.


A long-distance touch lamp


Let’s get sentimental: It’s sometimes difficult being apart from the people we love for so long, no matter how much we get to starfish in the bed or never have to change out of our pyjamas. So, this gift is not only chic and practical, but it also demonstrates a thoughtfulness that really does say “I am thinking about you, but from a distance”.

These lamps work by using the Internet to connect them together remotely, so when one person touches their lamp, the other one lights up, too. Cute? Creepy? A bit of both? You decide.


A weighted blanket


Most of us, at some point during this lockdown, will have missed a good old cuddle whether we like to admit it or not, so if you have a friend that you know could do with a snuggle, send them over a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are great for those who suffer from anxiety and have trouble sleeping, and offer some of the comforting weight of another person hugging them, but without any snoring. 


Custom art prints


Personalised gifts are some of the most unique presents you can get, so if you are looking to tell someone “this gift is really for you” then why not opt for a custom art print? This could be of their pet, a photograph of when you were both last together, or even of something they might be missing. You also get bonus points for supporting artists.