What do I need to start selling on WowThankYou?

Monday August 19, 2019

Opening shop on WowThankYou is very easy and we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to apply and set up your shop.

So, here is everything you need to know before you apply.

You need the right product

Your products are handmade, hand-finished or personalised and originally designed by you or your team.

We champion handmade, personalised and original art, traditional crafts and small artisan food and drinks made by people in the UK. Whether you are just starting out with your handmade chocolate business or you have an established jewellery business you are welcome to apply. And with our recent website upgrade you can even sell your digital art, designs, branding and logos.

We are also happy to see vintage style items, collectables and one-off items from antique collections.

Equally if you sell a craft supplier, craft kits or similar products, we’d love to have you on board.

We have a large selection of categories for you to add your products to, but if you can’t see what you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact us, and we’ll see what we can do. If you can’t find a category that your products fits, it’s very likely not because we don’t want to sell it, but because we don’t currently have a seller who has such products.

Products we don’t support

We access each application on an individual basis, but it’s good to be clear from the beginning that we are not too keen on mass-produced products, items you just buy and re-sell with no added design or input and similar types of products.

You need to be living and creating in the UK

This is because WowThankYou is here to champion UK based artisans and most of our customers are based in UK, which makes is easier for communication, delivery and any returns. We welcome sellers from all backgrounds and nationalities, but your business needs to be based here in UK.

You’ll need a PayPal account

The chances are that you are already familiar with PayPal and probably have your own personal account. To sell on WowThankYou, you’ll need to upgrade to a PayPal Business Account. The business account is completely free and if you don’t already have it you can easily request it via your PayPal Account. The PayPal Business Account gives you few extra functionalities, one of them is to securely link your shop to your PayPal Account via so called API credentials. These are three individual strings of numbers, letters and characters generated by PayPal, which you need to add to your WowThankYou shop to connect your shop to payment. If this sounds a little complicated, don’t worry, we have a step by step guide with screen captures to guide you through the set up. 

This gives your customers (and you) extra protection against any failed payments and provides a fast checkout for your customers via PayPal Express Checkout.

You'll need photos of your products

To start selling on WowThankYou, you’ll also need a good product photo. You don’t have to have professionally taken product photos, but the quality of photos directly affects how well your shop is going to perform. You’ll also need to submit three photos with your shop application, so choose your best ones! If you are not entirely sure how to start with taking a good products photos or you'd like to improve your photos taking technique, you can pick up extra photo tips here.


You’ll need to apply for your shop

This takes only 2 minutes! Our simple online application form includes few basic details and we will want to know a little bit about yourself and what you do. You’ll also need to upload three pictures of products you’d like to sell.

I review all applications on daily basis and usually let you know within 24 hrs if your application was successful. You’ll then receive two e-mails, one with your personalised login details and second one with a step by step instructions how to set up your shop, including all the seller’s resources.


And finally, you’ll need to set up your shop

Setting up shop on WowThankYou is very straightforward, as we’ve included step by step resources and guides to help you to set up your shop effectively.

If you are currently selling on Etsy, we even have a free Etsy import/export tool which helps you to populate your shop in just a few minutes! You can find exactly how to use this tool here.

Once you are set, the last bit is just starting to promote your shop. There are plenty of simple ideas on how to start here and in your seller’s admin panel and of course don’t forget to let us know, so that we can add you to our marketing efforts too! If you have more questions about how selling and buying works on WowThankYou, you can find frequently asked questions here.

So, to get started, head over to this page and apply for your shop today!