What Gifts to Give A Gardening Enthusiast Friend

Thursday March 12, 2020

Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a birthday or just because choosing the right gift for someone, can be a bit overwhelming. You always want to make sure you’re choosing something thoughtful that they’ll like and use, but don’t want to get something they already have or won’t have any use for. 

 This can be tricky when you’re thinking of buying something for your gardening friend. Those who are gardening enthusiasts most likely have everything they already need, so it can be tough to choose a good gift, mainly if you aren’t that knowledgeable on the subject yourself. 

Here are some gift ideas to give your gardening friend. 

Pest repellent

No, pesticides don’t make a good gift. What does make an excellent gift, however, is an animal pest repellent. If you know your friend toils in their garden only for an annoying and small pest to come in and wreck their hard work, a pest repellent could help protect their garden.

Pest repellent use an ultrasonic sound (don’t worry, humans, can’t hear it) and LED lights to keep animals away. Plus, they are humane and safe and are solar-powered, so they’re eco-friendly and don’t need any batteries. They’re also incredibly simple to install in your garden. All you must do is stake it in the ground or hang it from a tree or fence, and it will get to work on its own. 

A pond

A water feature is an incredible addition to any garden. If you want to go above and beyond and give your gardening friend a gift they will love and cherish, a pond from water-garden.co.uk is the way to go. It’s a gift that they will get an enormous amount of use out of and will transform their space from a regular garden to a tranquil backyard oasis. 

A new tool

No gardener would pass up a new gadget or tool that helps them with their hobby. If you’re pressed on ideas, there are so many useful gardening tools. Some are even useful regardless if your gardening friend already has one because the one you buy might be different and offer different features that could be helpful. Watering cans are a good example of this, as no two watering cans are alike. If your friend has a basic watering can maybe get them an upgraded watering can that doesn’t spill as much water, one that can hold more water, or one that comes with accessories like a spout attachment. 

A tool organiser

Think of a garden tool organiser like a handy dandy toolbelt, but for exclusively gardening tools. You can get organisers that are actual belts, with hip pockets and pouches to slip all their essential tools into with easy access, or organisers that are more like tote bags. You can opt for an organiser that attaches to a wheelbarrow for ease of transport to and from the garden shed. There’s even a model that doubles as a gardening stool that has tools organised underneath the seat. Whichever option you decide on, your gardener friend will be thrilled to arrange and organise their tools.