What To Gift a Loved One Who’s Sober

Wednesday August 14, 2019

When you’re coming up with gift ideas for a family member or friend who’s sober, you want to be extra considerate. In this case, the occasion doesn’t matter as much as the person does.

Gifting bottles of wine or liquor is a popular custom, but it’s not gonna fly for a friend who doesn’t drunk obviously. Luckily, there are tons of great gift options that would be a better fit for your sober pal. It’s important to note that sometimes, the best gift you can give a sober friend is support.

Being a positive influence and member of their support system will keep them in a good place on their journey of sobriety. And if you ever notice signs of abuse returning, be sure to encourage them to seek help at a rehab facility for sober living located in SC. Letting them know they’re not alone through the gift of friendship is the best thing you could provide.

 Beyond that, here are a few fun and meaningful gift ideas that will support them in their recovery rather than enable the addiction:

1.      An Experience

 When someone is actively recovering from substance abuse, filling up their life with new experiences is a great way to guide them in a positive direction. Experiential gifts are a great way to do this. Find something fun for the two of you to do together and plan a day for it! Some ideas include a hot air balloon ride, trip to a theme park, a chef’s table dining experience, or a day at their favourite museum.


2.      A Great Book

 The best gifts are the ones that hold meaning to both the giver and the receiver. For this reason, a well-loved book is always a great pick. It doesn’t have to be a self-help resource, either. A captivating novel or collection of short essays can be the perfect healthy distraction. If you know they love to read, consider stopping by a second hand book store and collecting a few books you think they’d like to hand off. The more positive things they have to fill their time, the better off they’ll be. 

3.      Tea and a Journal

 Self-reflection is a big part of recovery. Giving them the tools to do this in a peaceful and mindful way is a wonderful way to encourage it. Since they no longer use drugs or alcohol to wind down, giving them a different tool to decompress could be of great help. By gifting them a box of delicious tea and a journal, they’ll be able to unwind with a cosy cup and reflect on their day, month, year, or life.


4.      Wellness Membership

 Creating new, healthy habits is important after recovery. If you have the means, consider purchasing a wellness membership for your sober loved one. Perhaps they’re fond of yoga. Maybe they prefer kick-boxing. There could even be a day spa membership nearby. Consider the options available, and set them up for success by giving them a place to work on themselves from the inside out. This is a gift that keeps on giving since they can return time and time again as much as they want.


5.      Mocktail Supplies

 There are always temptations when you’re sober, especially in social settings. When everyone at the party has a drink in their hand, your sober friend might feel pretty awkward. Help mitigate these moments by gifting them a basket of mocktail supplies so they can make their own delicious concoctions without any alcohol necessary. Items such as soda water, flavoured syrups, dried herbs, and fancy glasses are a good start.