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What Present Should You Give Your Recovering Friend?

Is someone in your life recovering from an addiction? It could be drugs, alcohol, or something else. Whatever it is, they’re finally in recovery mode, and that is a reason to celebrate. To show your support and encourage your friend’s recovery...

Tuesday August 13, 2019
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Easy ways to promote your handmade online shop

There are hundreds of ways of marketing your creative online shop, but in this blog post, I wanted to pair it down to the bare minimum that can be done if you are short of time and it doesn’t cost a penny (just your time!). I know everyone’s time ...

Friday August 09, 2019
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5 Fun Accessories for Your Phone

Like your fashion choices, your phone can say a lot about you. The colours, the brand, the case – all of these are little hints about your personality. As phones become more integrated into daily life, more accessories specifically for phones begin

Wednesday July 31, 2019
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