7 reasons why personalised gifts are the best

Wednesday February 13, 2019

Are you struggling with a gift purchase? Is it for someone who deserves so much more than a quick present that doesn’t show much thought? Then a personalised gift is a perfect solution!  ‘I saw this and thought of you’ can now become ‘I saw this, thought of you and have I made it yours’ maybe not quite so catchy but it says everything that you need it to and more!

1.     Personalised gifts are unique

Any gift that has a name, date, location or even a quote to personalise it will be a unique gift. The thrill of owning something that no one else has is a gift in itself! From a simple pen with a name or a special quote to a picture incorporating a map of a special place. No one else will have the same identical gift -ever!

A unique personalised gift is an emotional one. The cushion will be cuddled, and the words re-read. The jewellery will be worn with pride and love – just awaiting admiration. The unique picture of a special place or phrase will bring happiness and love whenever its seen.

2.      Personalised gifts have a personality

Do you know a dessert lover? How about a beautifully engraved spoon? For the shopper a tote bag with a well-chosen quote? For the lady in your life with a lot of makeup, a fabulous personalised makeup bag. If the person you are buying for has a hobby, then what can be better than showing you know them so well that your gift is inspired by it! If you are buying for someone with unusual tastes, a bit quirky perhaps, by personalising a household or practical item it will fit with their love of being different. If they like to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, then personalising something to wear will attract admiring attention – suiting their personality!

3.       Personalised gifts will make a low-key event an occasion

Virtually every event can be made into a really special occasion with a memory made by the personalisation of the gift. They mark a moment in time in a unique and thoughtful way. If it’s a useful gift – a pen for the new graduate, a shopping bag for the retail therapist or the mug for the coffee lover, every single time they are used they will bring a smile and a memory flooding back! Plus, of course, comments from others as it will be unique!

4.       Personalised gifts are thoughtful

A casual comment could be the motivator for a personalised gift. If someone mentions, they are applying for new jobs – a personalised pen to fill in those forms with a good luck message will show you care! Do you have a friend that is always quoting form their favourite film- get it captured in time within a picture?

Grandmothers traditionally had ‘boasting books’ of photos – now a personalised tote bag can boast on their behalf! Dads and Grandads can have beautifully crafted key rings and Mums can have incredible jewellery engraved with children’s names or even with their children’s tiny handprints. A personalised baby vest or bib will be not only be used by the new baby and admired by all but will become a keepsake too and hopefully be in the baby box!

5.       Personalised gifts show you took time and care

Getting a gift can be a time-consuming headache, not only do you have to find something that you want to buy, but you have to be happy that you have got it right- that you won’t get a cursory ‘oh, thanks’ but instead ‘Oh wow, that’s amazing, thank you so much – I love it’ .

A personalised gift shouts out loud that you were shopping with that very specific, special person in mind and that is so important for the recipient. A gift should show consideration, thoughtfulness and time spent. Each individual letter of personalisation says that you care.  It’s not about the price – it’s about not grabbing the first thing by the till in the shop in your lunch hour!

6.       Personalised gifts are very special because they are usually handmade 

Personalised gifts take time to be created. Allow yourself time to browse the amazing gift ideas on the website and also make show you have enough time for it to be made and posted to you. You might want to think about the perfect quote, check a date or even have to wait for the announcement of a new baby’s name.

7.       Personalised gifts are perfect for anyone

A new house? The possibilities are endless – from the practical gifts like a house name plaque or named egg cups for the whole family to the artistic cushions with quotes or the original framed artwork for the wall. Need something more unusual? How about the book apples and acorns which will be conversation starters if they are on a coffee table or a teacher’s desk. The leather pencil/make brush case is quite luxurious and would be a pleasure to own. Personalised spoons could cause a stir and make sure you check out the pictures made with maps where you choose the special places to be included – perfect for travellers or home lovers!

Personalised gifts are the perfect gifts, so enjoy browsing and find the perfect, personalised gift that you need!